If you’re interested in e-commerce and digital marketing, you’ve probably heard about dropshipping. It’s THE fashionable business model right now. We often hear about its qualities, the astronomical potential of income that it has or the simplicity with which one can practice this activity.

In this article, I will give you some tips and tricks to succeed in selling drop shipping. But before that, for those of you who would read these lines without knowing what dropshipping is, let’s start by defining it together.

dropshippingWhat is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is first and foremost a way of trading a little different from the ones we are used to. And for good reason ; the main feature of this business model is that when you do dropshipping, you do not have stock. Yes, not a single product will pass through any warehouse you own. The only thing (and not the least) that you have to do is create an e-commerce site and make customers want to buy your products.

When a customer buys through your e-commerce site, it is the supplier of the products you sell that delivers to the customer. And even if you choose a China-based supplier, the ePacket delivery mode revolution will allow the buyer to receive their product in record time.

selling in dropshipping

How to succeed in selling in dropshipping?

If creating your e-commerce store in dropshipping is relatively simple, generating so much money through this business model is much more complex. However, if you want to get started, we will see together 3 methods that will allow you to sell a lot more, and much better in dropshipping.

But before that, I want to clarify that you will not become a millionaire overnight thanks to dropshipping. This business model requires a lot of work and sometimes a good deal of luck. And maybe that’s what happened to Yomi Denzel. With that, I let you discover my tips and tricks to succeed in e-commerce dropshipping.

  • Facebook retargeting thanks to video ads

You may be aware that the Facebook algorithm has changed quite a bit in recent years. So, a lot of tutorials that explain how to create a profitable advertisement on Facebook are now obsolete!

Indeed, many trainers previously advised to launch an ad with the conversion goal “Conversion – Purchase”. They claimed that the Facebook algorithm showed your ads in this way only to people who were known to buy regularly from Facebook.

As a result, it was very likely that if you targeted your audience well, you would have had a very targeted audience and, in addition, used to shop online, so your advertising would be very profitable. But if this method could work a few years ago, this is absolutely not the case today!

Indeed, you need to think about more advanced Facebook strategies to achieve real profitability when using Facebook Ads. And you will understand, we will see here one of these strategies.

This strategy requires one condition: you must use an advertisement in video format. Indeed, in the same way that using the “Conversion – Purchase” distribution tool is no longer viable today, thinking that posting a simple photo of your product is enough to generate sales is just as utopian.

  • Broadcast in “video view”

For this Facebook Ads strategy, you must use the “Video Views” conversion tool.
The goal here is to launch a first video ad, and to let it run for 3 days, with a daily budget of 5 €.

Following these 3 days, you will have to create a Lookalike audience. For those of you who do not know these hearings, their principle is simple: you will give a sample of data to Facebook, and it will create a much larger population than the sample from this one. this. That is, this population will have exactly the same characteristics as your sample.

So by creating a Looalike audience, you will create a population that will have all the characteristics of people watching more than 80% of your video time. You can pay this percentage directly when you create your Lookalike audience.

  • Understand “Conversion” broadcasts

At this point, you will have a highly targeted audience; you will have all your chances to convert massively during your next advertisement. Here, many would be tempted to choose the “Conversion – Buy” diffusion option, as we saw at the beginning of this article. It would be a big mistake! Instead, you’ll need to choose the Cast option – Conversion – Content View.

Indeed, to use the option Purchase, it is imperative that your pixel is “hot”, that is to say it has stored enough data. It would be counterproductive to skip the “Video View” and “Add to Cart” step!

To use the “Buy” option, you will need to wait for a green light next to these last two options in your ad manager. This will mean that your pixel is ready to go into purchase conversion.

In conclusion, for this method, only one watchword to remember: be patient!

Create a vignette / thumbnail

This section prevails for all types of advertisements, but especially on Facebook and Youtube. You should not neglect this step of your advertising, because it plays a crucial role in the success of this one!

Some rules are to know to succeed your miniature:

  • Put on colors! Remember, you want to catch the eye of your customer in just a few seconds.
  • Use a photo of a smiling AND looking face at the camera.

It’s proven: people tend to pay much more attention to this kind of content than a simple product picture.

The human eye is a very powerful marketing tool. A picture of a smiling woman is almost always better than a photo of a smiling man … do not ask me why, it’s like that :-).

  • If possible, make a montage with one side of your smiling face, and the other a picture of the product you are selling.

The rules to respect for his catchphrase

Whether you’re about to advertise on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, you’ll need to write a perfect catchphrase! This is one of the conditions that will make people give credit to your advertising. In other words, a missed text is an advertisement not seen.

We will see here some rules that you will have to respect at all costs when you write your teaser text:

  • Avoid all terms that can be equated with violence or sex. You would immediately be classified as bad publicity.
  • Use emoticons … in moderation of course.

You need emoticons in your text hook to just catch the eye of your potential customer who is quietly scrolling his newsfeed.

However, remember a simple rule: too many smileys kill the smiley. It’s like all good things, you have to consume with moderation.

  • Prefer turns of positive or negative sentences.

For example, say “Want to go to the next level in your online business? How tired of seeing your sales stay low? “

It is an unconscious mechanism that associates evil with a turn of negative sentence and good with positive ones, so much to enjoy!

  • Do not write too much or not enough. Do not go over the 4 sentences, you have 2 to 3 seconds to interest your potential customer (it has been shown that we only give 2/3 seconds per Facebook posts on average)!
  • In the same idea, make short and effective sentences: it will work your text in depth to achieve optimal results. A conscientious job would require hours of work for 3 sentences!
  • This is not mandatory, but you can put 2 links instead of one on your advertisement (in your text teaser) to encourage even more your potential customer to click.
  • Try to put yourself in your client’s shoes! You must enter his head and guess his needs and desires. The good marketer is not the one who knows his product perfectly, but the one who knows his client perfectly.
  • Get inspired by the ads that work. A simple search for “free shipping” or “free shipping” in the Facebook search bar will show you ads that work in dropshipping (the dropshippers like to indicate that the delivery is at their expense in their ads). So you can get inspired by their text.

In addition, you can find many winning products with this little tips.

  • Play on the emotions! You must be in the lead of your potential customer to get to create emotions at home when he goes to see your advertising. It may sound complicated at first glance, but believe me, once you get used to thinking like your customer, your sales will explode.
    That’s all for me! I hope these tips and tricks to help make good sales. And if you have questions, do not hesitate, the comment area is there for that.


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