The neophyte who wants to optimize windows 10 pc must first understand the fundamental principles that explain the degradation in the performance of a machine.

Existing programs or applications share the memory of the computer that can saturate when it is accessed beyond its capacity.
The computer data is stored in files that are on one or more hard disks. Despite their power, hard drives can slow down the execution of programs in certain situations that need to be vigilant.
Many applications need to access information that is on the Internet and must use the connection, which can be more or less fast. Low speeds can degrade the performance of programs, including browsers and online video games.
The optimization of the computer consists of ensuring that the available memory is sufficient, that the hard disks give quick access to the files and that the Internet speeds are in accordance with the theoretical rates of the access provider.

  • Control the memory usage of your computer

Task Manager is a simple and convenient tool that can monitor computer resources including memory. It allows viewing of running applications as well as background processes or Windows processes.

It is better not to regularly occupy more than 50% or 60% of the available memory. Similarly, applications that occupy hundreds of megabytes must be carefully scanned. It is possible to free up memory by terminating some of the current tasks.

The main difficulty of the exercise comes from the risk of interrupting a necessary program. Indeed, it is not necessarily obvious to determine what is necessary and what is useless: it is then necessary to activate the online search which helps to understand the function and the interest of the tasks that consume the memory resource.

  • Optimize windows 10 PC by removing tasks that run when you start your computer

Some of the tasks that saturate the memory are actually started automatically when the computer starts. They may be needed for regularly used programs but there are still some that have been wrongly installed or are no longer used.

You have to use the task manager to disable them and do not hesitate to uninstall programs that no longer serve. The simplest and fastest way to optimize your PC is often to clean up the list of tasks that start when Windows starts.

  • Increase RAM to optimize your pc

When the available memory size is insufficient for the applications to be used, consider increasing it. If the computer has available slots, simply purchase commercially available memory modules and insert them. The operation is simple but can discourage beginners because it is necessary to check the compatibility and to handle electronics.

A simpler alternative is to use a USB key as additional memory. The Windows ReadyBoost solution extends memory if the key has a high data transfer rate.

Increasing memory is the best way to optimize your PC very quickly.

  • Control the saturation and fragmentation of hard disks

Despite increasing capacity, hard drives can be saturated by some applications including those who store digital video. A movie easily occupies several gigabytes and GoPro-style camera recordings can fill 1 GB in less than 5 minutes.

The hard disk of the computer is constantly in demand. Its saturation degrades the overall performance. It is therefore essential in this situation to delete large files, duplicate data, unnecessary history and backups, etc.

The regular households thus led on the disc will gradually fragment it into smaller and smaller entities. A new file can occupy the space released by several small files and will be found in full bursts scattered throughout the disc. This fragmentation will be amplified over time by the succession of deletions and file creation.

The access to a very exploded file will generate so many displacements of the heads of reading of the disc that the treatment times will become unbearably long. The defragmentation of the hard drive consists of copying all the data by restoring the homogeneity of the files so that the accesses become fast again.

You can manually start defragmenting a disk or schedule it to be done regularly. The whole thing is to run a defragmentation regularly to have a PC always optimized.

  • Set Windows performance options

Windows 10 includes a lot of visual effects that can consume computer resources, including memory, and slow down the operation. There is a setting that gives priority to the performance on the appearance. This is set in the “Performance Options” that can be accessed by typing “performance” in the search box of the taskbar.

  • Optimize your pc’s Internet connection

When possible, it is better to be connected by an Ethernet cable than by WiFi. In fact, the cable secures higher and more stable data rates. When there is only Wifi, you have to try to be close to the router. When the Internet connection is not stable.

  • Eliminate viruses and other malware and choose the right antivirus

The performance of a PC is often degraded by viruses, malware, aggressive advertising and other intruders more or less harmful. It is therefore vital to configure Microsoft’s antivirus, Windows Defender, or to install another one.

However, one must be vigilant in the choice of antivirus because some overprotect the computer and consume a lot of resources by controlling excessively. Their omnipresence in all actions slows down the machine and ends up exasperating the user. The choice of antivirus can therefore degrade the performance of the PC.

  • Update or reinstall Windows

The indisputable recommendation is to systematically update Windows. This measure makes it possible to benefit immediately from the corrections of security vulnerabilities and to avoid external aggression. The update of the drivers is also recommended even if it can sometimes generate small problems of malfunctions that should then be treated individually.

The radical solution to optimize windows 10 pc is to reinstall Windows after having saved the data. This relatively cumbersome operation puts the computer back in its starting position and makes a clean sweep of all the degradations suffered during its years of loyal service. 

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