The black screen of a PC is the natural expression of the digital “I’m off”. But this state is very annoying when it appears in full startup of the computer. Novice users are quickly confused by a windows 10 black screen that lasts and does not give way to the comforting desktop of Windows 10. Why Windows 10 does not boot anymore? How long is the wait ? What are the tips and solutions for getting out? Is this serious doctor?

  • Simple cases to solve the problem of black screen

It is useful but not glorious to remember that a black screen may be the result of a power failure. The check-list of the computer troubleshooter always includes in good position the verification of the cables (power supply and connection) and the confirmation that the switch is well lit.

on off shutdown windows 10

The encounter between an impatient user and a lazy Windows is often a source of misunderstanding. The black screen of the PC is only the temporary manifestation of intense activity. The operating system boot is much slower than expected but no information is communicated. Just wait until the hard drive emits frequent, non-cyclic sounds. Microsoft, in a very modest way, describes this phase: “It is possible that your computer finalizes some updates or that it is busy performing a task“.

  • The Ctrl + Alt + Del combination that removes the Windows 10 black screen

Do not hesitate to operate the three keys Ctrl, Alt and Del simultaneously. They can bring up a blue window and give access among other things to the task manager. It is then possible to run a new task from the File tab and launch explorer.exe to switch from the black screen to the Windows 10 desktop

ctrl alt del windows 10

More generally, the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys allow you to get your hands back, to visualize the applications in progress, to access the different services and to start or stop programs that could unlock the situation.

  • The combination of Windows keys + Ctrl + Shift + B

In the case of a keyboard connected the combination of Windows keys, Ctrl, Shift and the letter B can reactivate the screen.

  • The connection of an external screen and the “project” option

Troubleshooting a computer can be confusing when visibility on what is happening is reduced by a black screen. The connection of an external screen can allow to advance in the diagnosis and to carry out several operations presented in the rest of this document.

Simple handling, in relation to a second screen, should be attempted in all cases. This is done by pressing the Windows key and the letter P at the same time to bring up the screen of the “project” option. Sometimes the operating system incorrectly detects an external display and turns off the first one while thinking about displaying on the second one. The black screen of the PC comes from this error. It is then sufficient to correct the anomaly by reactivating the correct display.

windows P windows 10 black screen

  • A quick fix for the black screen of a laptop

One of the great classics of laptops is to make them lose their memory so they forget the wrong settings causing some anomalies. To do this, remove the battery, disconnect the power supply and press the on / off button for about 30 seconds.

Very often, restarting after connecting the power supply alone restores a normal situation and removes the causes that caused the black screen.

  • Black screen or poor brightness setting?

Another cause, seemingly innocuous, causes the black screen under Windows 10. For obscure reasons, a failure sometimes reduces the brightness to zero. This is the black screen or the black screen!

This anomaly is as disconcerting as the simplicity of its resolution: it is indeed enough to increase the brightness either by the keys of the keyboard, the adjustment of the parameters of the display or the external buttons.

Windows 10 contrast settings

  • Restart in safe mode

It may become necessary to start in safe mode, when other attempts have failed. Safe Mode can be enabled in different ways when starting Windows 10 with the F5 function or the power button and the Shift key.

When the black screen of the PC prevents any restart or access to Windows 10, you must create an installation media (a USB key or DVD) that will be used to launch the operating system. The media is produced on another computer and is used to store a bootable version of the exploitable system from which the failed computer can boot.

  • The graphics card drivers behind the black screen

A common cause of the Windows 10 black screen is the malfunction of the graphics card driver. This anomaly usually occurs after an update of Windows Update that automatically installs a new buggy version of the driver.

You must then uninstall the driver by going to the device manager and selecting the line that is under graphics cards. It may be necessary to make several attempts attempting the uninstallation, deactivation or restoration.

compmgmt graphic card

Finally, in some situations, it may be necessary to disable the automatic update of Windows to prevent the offending driver to come back again cause this black screen.

  • Black screen: the restoration of Windows 10

This is to restore the PC by returning to a previous point in time that corresponds to normal operation of the computer without black screen. Restore points are created when you install a Windows application, driver, or update. These points can be used for a return to a normal situation.

Windows 10 system restore

Restoring Windows 10 is another way to solve the previously mentioned driver issues.

  • Microsoft support recommendations to solve the problem

It is always helpful to visit the Microsoft support site, which includes some additional leads. For example, it is suggested to stop single-threaded processes in the task manager (RunOnce instances), disable quick start, or disable high contrast in settings.

  • The hardware failures causing the black screen

Even if hardware is more and more reliable, sometimes the cause of the PC’s black screen is a failure of the graphics card or component.

The repair is easier in the case of a desktop computer where it is possible to change a card and have easy access to all components. The same operation is more complex for a laptop where everything is very integrated and where disassembly must be done by a professional.

laptop screen hardware problems

The sources of the hardware problems of the black screen, in the case of the laptop, are at the level of the inverter which is a voltage converter, the web that connects the screen to the motherboard and can be sectioned and of the slab which is the support of the images.

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