We all have three or four anxieties that ruin our lives. And among them we find the fear of ending up with the battery of his mobile completely discharged. This is not surprising. This is a problem that affects most smartphone users. To end the stress of the battery failure we reveal 5 tips to recharge your mobile phone without using a charger.

Connect your mobile to your computer

Reloading your phone outside your home has become a totally innocuous gesture. Still think about taking his charger with you. Where things get complicated is when the battery falls below the 15% of remaining battery life. A frightful message appears on your phone’s screen asking you to connect your valuable device to a power outlet.

But here your charger has stayed warm in your home. You then start a race against the clock with an uncertain outcome. You cut the GPS, block synchronizations, reduce the brightness of the screen and close open applications to gain a little autonomy.

And that’s the irony of the story. Because once all these features disconnected your phone does not serve you much, except perhaps to give you the time.

If you have a laptop and a small USB cable hanging around your business, why not use it to give your mobile a little juice? Obviously the results will be much lower than those offered by a desktop charger. But it’s always about winning.


Use the USB socket of your vehicle

Most newer vehicles now have a USB socket to display the contents of their smartphone directly on the dashboard’s multimedia screen. The concept is very attractive, but unfortunately its implementation is much less.Brancher his mobile USB port of his vehicle There are more countless smartphones refusing to work in a car equipped with the MirrorLink system.

However, you can still use the USB port to connect your phone. Failing to order your applications from the touch screen of your car, the latter will be used to charge your phone.


Take advantage of charging stations in shopping centers

Reload your smartphone while shopping? The concept seems interesting to you? That’s good, many shopping centers offer their customers charging stations for secure smartphone.

To use them you simply place your phone in one of the available lockers. Then you connect your smartphone to the micro-usb provided, then the touchpad placed next to the box, you will set a password. That’s all you have to do is close your locker and leave with the peace of mind to do your shopping.

Once your shopping session is complete, simply tap on the touch screen of your locker your secret code to recover your mobile. Importantly, the majority of these charging stations are free.


Walking and running to make the battery last longer

If you are afraid of missing an important call, know that we find in the trade of small armbands able to transform the movements of the body in electrical energy. Tool to recharge its mobile while walking They are generally fixed on the arm and thanks to the kinetic force they will be able to recharge any electronic device.



In general you have to walk at least 10,000 steps to fully charge a smartphone. It may sound like a lot but it’s roughly the numbers recommended by the WHO to stay healthy. Daily physical activity not only helps to fight overweight, reduce the risk of infarction, but also increases the autonomy of your mobile.



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