You have just bought or received a new Android mobile phone. Switching from an iPhone to an Android phone is far from easy. It will not only get used to a new interface but also recover all your personal data. We explain today how to transfer photos from your iPhone to import them on your new Android phone.

Recover photos from your iPhone to your computer

It is always the same thing. We proudly hold in his hand his new brand new cell phone, it is mumuse with two or three functions “gadgets” then we realize very quickly that it misses all our contacts, our agenda and of course all our precious photos.

  • Unlock your iPhone with your access code
  • Connect your smartphone to your computer
  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Select your Apple mobile in the tree view
  • Copy all the photos to your PC

Upload photos to Android mobile

Once the photos are recovered on your computer, we will be able to transfer to your new phone.

  • Connect your Android device to your PC via a USB cable
  • Then launch Windows Explorer on your computer
  • Search your mobile tree
  • Do not forget to unlock it by entering your security code. Without this precious sesame impossible to access the contents of your phone
  • Then open the Pictures folder and copy all your photos
  • Disconnect your Android from the computer by disabling the USB device in the task bar of your PC

Now all you have to do is open the Gallery application from your mobile device and check that your photos have been copied.

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