You have decided to put your iPhone back in the closet and get started on the Android adventure. Whatever the reasons that made you choose, you will not escape the traditional data transfer operations. To move easily from one device to another, we explain how to transfer SMS from your old iPhone to your new Android phone.

Migrate from iPhone to Android

Starting from scratch and getting started on a new mobile OS is not without some problems. Many of you wonder if it is possible to migrate from an iPhone to an Android device without losing personal data. I assure you right now, the answer is yes.

Curiously, recovering his photos or his music presents no particular difficulty. If, despite everything, you encounter some problems, I invite you to consult this tutorial: transfer photos from your iPhone to Android

By cons when it comes to recovering his conversations (SMS / MMS) things are complicated greatly. Android and iOs (iPhone) use two different formats to store messages. Before attempting to import your SMS, you will need to convert them.

Transfer your SMS from iOs to Android

As you say right now, the operation is a little complex to achieve but the game is well worth the effort. Besides who would like to lose these precious conversations?

Start a backup of the iPhone

The first step is to back up the entire contents of your iPhone to your computer. For it:

  • Connect your Apple mobile to your PC via the cable provided for this purpose
  • Launch the iTunes software
  • Click on the icon in the shape of an iPhone
  • In the menu on the left, select the summary section
  • Then press the save button now


Recover your SMS backup

We will now proceed to transfer the SMS backup to your Android mobile.

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Move in the tree structure of your hard disk by following this path c: / Users / NameOfYourPC / AppData / Roaming / Apple / Computer / MobileSync / Backup
  • You will find in the directory a file named
  • Then connect your Android smartphone to your PC
  • Transfer the SMS backup file to your Android mobile

Convert your SMS to Android

The SMS transfer operation is unfortunately not yet finished. For the moment, your smartphone is unable to read them. To correct this problem, you will have no choice but to convert them to an XML file using the free iSMS2droid application.

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • In the search field, type iSMS2droid then click the install button
  • Then launch the application
  • Tap the Select iPhone SMS Database button and select the file you just uploaded to your phone
  • Click All to choose all SMS for the backup
  • Validate to start the file conversion

Restore your SMS on your Android smartphone

Your SMS are now readable on Android. We will now be able to restore them.

  • Download the SMS Backup & Restore Android App from the Play Store
  • Launch the app then press the Restore button and then OK
  • Then select the messages you want to restore
  • Validate your choice to start the operation

There it’s finished. All messages from your iPhone have just been transferred to your new Android phone. To access it, simply open your e-mail application and select a conversation from the list. If you encounter problems, do not hesitate to send us a message directly by posting a comment.

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