The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is one of the best phones you can buy. It is frustrating that at the moment it is not yet available in most of country, and that if you reside in the United Kingdom (vodafone operator) it is blocked operator.

Its improvements over the S10 Plus are subtle (screen size, battery and number of photo sensors) and Samsung has managed not to make a device too imposing.

The photo modules are exceptional, the quality of the screen is above those installed on devices of the same category and the Crown Silver model is beautiful.
The S10 5G is an unlikely smartphone, it is sad that it is only a 5G phone …

Indicated price
$ 1,299

Test: Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

The Galaxy S10 5G is one of the best smartphones on the market but at the moment, the 5G is not worth the selling price.
In France, commercial launches will begin by 2020, moreover they have already begun, in others, Monaco, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. And, being based in London, we were able to test the Samsung Galaxy 5G.

  • Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G?

For now, we do not recommend a 5G contract given its high cost, low coverage of 5G and minor speed gains.
Despite this, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is an amazing phone with a stunning design, cameras and screen.

The One IU of the S10 5G is the best version of Android made by Samsung, the 4500 mAh battery is generous and thanks to its edgeless design, this phone 6.7 inches is not too big.
We would have given 5 stars to this Samsung, but the fragility of the 5G connection is simply not worth the fees imposed by a mobile plan.

Samsung could not afford to miss the check mark of Android 5G smartphones and the company had to add a 5G at the end of the name of a device in the S10 range.
Unlike the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G and the Oppo Reno 5G, which have a design identical to their 4G version, the S10 5G is a completely different phone from the other S10. It has a larger screen, a larger battery and an additional photo sensor, compared to the S10 Plus.

Does this mean that it is worth the price offered with a package? We have tested the S10 5G on Vodafone’s new 5G network to determine whether it deserves to be purchased, or if the standard S10 or S10 Plus, cheaper and of excellent quality, are enough.

  • Price and availability

In the UK, the S10 5G is available directly from Samsung at £ 1,099 (about € 1,221.23) where it is stuck Vodafone or EE. As for its availability on the French-speaking market, you can, for example, find the S10 5G at MediaMarkt Switzerland at CHF 1,279 (around € 1,161.47), until it is available in France.

At this price, you will have a storage space of 256 GB and an S10 in the colors silver (Crown Silver) or black (Majestic Black).

In the United Kingdom, for example, Vodafone offers the S10 5G at £ 29 (€ 32), then from £ 72 / month (€ 80). EE prices start at £ 74 / month (€ 82). This is the most expensive monthly EE package for a 5G phone, the Oppo Reno 5G is available with a flat rate of £ 59 / month.

If you compare this Galaxy S10 to the 4G range, the S10 Plus costs £ 200 less. It is equipped with a slightly smaller screen and battery, 5 photo sensors and 4G connectivity.

samsung galaxy s10 5g price

  • The bigger it is, the better?

The S10 5G is a great smartphone with a 6.7 inch screen that is amazing. It is virtually borderless and cutting (top right) to accommodate the dual sensor photo module is not a problem.

In terms of outfit, even with small hands, the S10 5G is not too big unlike the OnePlus 7 Pro.

We tested the S10 5G Crown Silver version, it is semi-matte, semi-glossy and has a beautiful hue with pink and blue hues (while hiding more fingerprints than the black model).

Samsung has perfectly balanced the curvature of the edges of the S10 5G, which means that despite the lack of borders, there is still a rim to hang on. The latter is equipped with a headphone jack, which means that the S10 and LG V50 ThinQ are the only two 5G phones available in the UK to have one.

As for the screen, it does not have the refresh rate of 90 Hz 7 Pro, but this Samsung is at the height of OnePlus regarding vibration, color and viewing angles. It also has the best display for visibility in full sun, for this characteristic no competitor reaches him at the ankle.

The dual stereo speakers are strong enough, without distortion, and AKG headphones are supplied with the S10 5G.

samsung galaxy s10 5g review

The design of the S10 5G is my favorite of all current 5G smartphones on the market since we are not really a fan of the retractable photo modules, which can be found at OnePlus, Oppo and Xiaomi.

We also like the fact that the S10 5G is not only 5G but has been improved with new elements (screen, battery, photo sensors) compared to 4G versions and other competitive 5G phones.

  • Only 5G counts ?

Why would you need a 5G connection? In 2019, it is considered a bonus and it is far from being available throughout the United Kingdom.

Vodafone has, for the moment, launched its 5G network in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Manchester. Lately it has been extended to other cities like Wolverhampton, Stoke and Plymouth.

We tested the network with the S10 5G in London, Vodafone recommended us only three specific areas where the connection is the best; which is not very attractive for most users considering the price of the package. The same goes for all cities included, none of them has global coverage.

(If you live in the UK) You can check Vodafone 5G coverage by going to this page and using the zip code search.

Our experience of 5G since the Galaxy S10 5G has been more capricious than the EE network with the OnePlus 7 Pro. We traveled to Pentonville Road between King’s Cross and Angel, as indicated by the Network Status and Status Check service (previously page).
However, we found that an iPhone 8 on Vodafone’s 4G network had a better connection, 100 Mbps more, than a S10 5G (note the 5G symbol in the S10 status bar)

vodafone 5g test

  • Technologie 5G vs 4G : 

EE’s 5G connection was always faster than 4G, while Vodafone’s was confusing. It was slower in 5G (above) compared to a 4G phone, but faster than that same device when connected in 4G.

Vodafone’s 4G network is very fast in these so-called 5G zones, so we can not preach for such an expense, with the only advantage of switching to the 5G network …

In our view, these two mobile plans are not worth the cost / blow since it is necessary (at least for the moment) to stick to the only places recommended by Vodafone where the 5G is available. The EE coverage in London already seems wider.

Nevertheless, owning a 5G compatible phone means that you will usually get a faster 4G signal in some areas. This is explained by the fact that still few users connect to the 5G (still too young), so the 4G is faster for owners of 5G mobiles.

That said, this also applies to EE, the speeds were always higher. Of course, this is just the experience of 5G we had in London. However, it is representative of the latest technologies and their inconsistencies.

  • Too many photo goals

The S10 5G has an additional photo sensor at the rear in comparison to the S10 and S10 Plus.
In addition to the 5 main lenses, 8 and 10 Mpx, 12 Mpx wide-angle, telephoto 12 Mpx and ultra-wide-angle 16 Mpx, there is also a 3D depth sensor.
According to Samsung, it allows a reading of the depth more powerful and thus to obtain superb shots in portrait mode.

The Quick Measure app is very handy on the S10 5G, it’s an AR app that measures objects and distances. This is not the most useful but it means that the S10 5G can take advantage of any similar application from the Play Store when others can not.

samsung galaxy s10 5g camera

Like the S10 and S10 Plus, the S10 5G’s sensors are incredibly powerful. The ultra-wide-angle is so beneficial to have.

The telephoto lens allows 2x optical zoom, but the S10 5G also has a very good 10x digital zoom.

The 10MP and 8MP front lenses take very nice selfies and detect 3D depth as well as the rear lens module. It is a very versatile configuration.

The cameras are superb even though they are virtually the same as the S10 Plus. The Bokeh effect is the most versatile and the most powerful ever designed on a smartphone.

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