Oh, the beautiful blue screen!
After the wonder, we quickly understand that we have a big computer problem on his PC …
You thought your day could not be worse? Bam … BLUE SCREEN!
Also called the blue screen of death or the “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) for those who listened in English LV1, this famous message from the operating system Microsoft Windows, which has the power to make us particularly irritable..
In these cases, we feel helpless and we would need help to get by (except geeks and “tech-hustlers”).
Fortunately, desperately typing “blue screen problem” in Google was finally a good idea, since here you are πŸ˜‰
On the ultimate article that will explain everything to you and help you out of this bad situation.
We tell you everything: why you, where it comes from and the most important of course … HOW TO GET OUT!


For starters, the blue screen of death can cripple your computer for several reasons, often this is due to a recent change. If you have just installed a program, new equipment, or have just upgraded, there is a good chance that the error will come from there.
Other possible reasons:

Pilots are not up to date and the report of an error committed by a pilot is by … You guessed … a blue screen.
You have installed two antiviruses at the same time.
There is no more space on your C: drive (where Windows is installed). Microsoft recommends a minimum of 100MB of free space on your drive at all times.
The system is overheating, it may come from the graphics card, audio card, processor or RAM (RAM is not it). If after having cooled down for 10 minutes, your computer no longer displays the blue screen, chances are it’s all about it.
Your system may be damaged, hard drive or RAM stick defective or infected by a virus.
First of all, if the blue screen occurred when you just added devices or new components to your computer (internal or external), remove them and turn on your hardware, maybe it will be enough to make it go away.

If that’s not enough, we’ll attack more πŸ˜‰


Β 1- Go into safe mode

Start your computer in safe mode, and see if the blue screen disappears.
Turn off your computer (keeping your finger on the power button for a long time) and then turn it on again. To bring up a boot menu (and to finally have access to something) hold down the F8 key during startup.
When the boot menu appears, you must select the “Safe Mode” and then click “Yes”. Explanations in detail πŸ˜‰

If safe mode is not possible on your PC, go to step 9.

2- System Restore

In safe mode, you can finally access your Windows browser, so perform an OS recovery.
For this, in the search tab of your browser, write “restoration” then click on “create a restore point”. Then press the “System Restore” button. From there, you can follow the instructions on your computer and choose the date on which to restore your system.


If the restore does not work or you still can not access your browser, and you’re starting to lose patience, try the following procedure. Do not worry, it may seem complicated at first glance, long and infeasible for mere mortals but there is no need to be a computer ace to get there!

Put yourself in safe mode (you are an ace now πŸ˜‰)
Right click on start then click on “properties”. From there, you can select in the “Hardware” tab, then, in the new window that opens, the “Device Manager” option. Access to the manager on other versions of Windows.
Once you have done all this, right click on “Display Adapter” then “Uninstall”. You can then select the display driver so that it is reinstalled. Then restart the computer again.
If the problem persists and the blue screen of death appears again, do not panic, we move on.


Going for the survey, you must know the name of the file that caused the system crash. Even if the presentation has changed between different versions of Windows over time (from XP to Windows 10), we find the same error management: the screen displays an error code and parameters to go back to the cause of the problem.
Note the error code that is displayed.
That’s what the blue screen looks like under windows 7 and above.

And the blue screen under Windows 10 and later (oh the beautiful smiley).

Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death BSOD

You can search for the cause of your system error by typing the error code in google. This may not tell you exactly, but it will give you an idea of ​​what caused the problem.

STOP: 0x0000000A or Stop 0xA or IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL or
If these error codes appear, it means that the problem comes from incompatibility of the system with software or new hardware.

STOP: 0x00000024 or Stop 0x24 or NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM:
If this code occurs, it means that the error comes from a SCSI cabling or IDE layers, or when a software has just been installed.
In this case, restart the computer in safe mode and then uninstall the new program.

In this case, the problem comes from the graphics card.

This error message means there is a memory problem.
Sometimes Ram’s arrays become defective, and if so, the memory may be prone to malfunction.


If the blue screen appears only sporadically and then disappears when the computer is restarted, chances are that it will be due to CPU overhead or overheating. Your computer does not support the amount of data and tasks you asked for, try to start opening the enclosure, dust off the fans to make sure the cooling is working properly …

It can also come from a component. In this case follow this tutorial to find the origin of the overheating.

The state of the hard drive or RAM arrays can also be the hardware cause of the blue screen. In this case, we advise you to clean it regularly, to do this, look for “disk cleaning” on your browser. You can also check its status because Windows includes tools that can check the status of the disk. Right click on the drive to check.


Driver the cause of the blue screens

A computer driver is a program that allows hardware recognition by a system so that it can be used.
Finding the right driver can be complicated because they do not all fit the same versions of Windows. One that will work very well with XP will not necessarily suit Windows 7 for example.
To check and update the drivers of your PC follow this tutorial.

You can also use the Ma-config software, a handy software that lets you know which drivers do not match your system and allows you to download the correct one.


The appearance of the blue screen of death may be due to a problem of Windows update. Automatic updates can be the cause of the hang. So you can check its history by going to “Control Panel”, then “System and Security” and finally you will find “Windows Update”. From there you will be able to see if the system crash problem occurred at the same time as one of the last updates.

Attention, it is possible that the problem also comes from the lack of the last update, in which case it will have to do it.


To secure your computer and protect it from possible threats, several free software programs exist and are very effective. We do not talk about paying, which are surely very good, but we prefer to keep our money πŸ˜‰
Adwearcleaner is a program used for the detection and removal of unwanted software and advertising noises that pose a potential risk to your computer such as Adware, toolbar, PUP / LPI and hijacker. These are installed on your hardware most often when you download software … free.

Malwarebyte is a tool for disinfecting your computer. This one specializes in the removal of Malware (Programs threatening and harmful for your hardware: they are likely to destroy, steal data from your computer or to manipulate it) and Rootkits or “rootkit”, which hides the presence of viruses.
This tool allows you to perform scans that, removes unwanted and unnecessary files from programs, downloads and operating system operation.


If you really do not have the fiber, you are overbooked or your patience has limits, you can get help of course!

Use a computer repair company. Professionals will take care of your equipment, but this solution is still a bit expensive, and above all you will have to separate from your computer for a while …

If you need help quickly and cheaply, you can call a Geek Helper on Helpy πŸ˜‰. A geek near you will be happy to get you out of this mess!

Voila, we hope that this article will have served you out of the nightmare “SCREEN BLUE”.

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