The Fall Creators Update update (Windows 10 1709) was released on October 17, 2017, through this major update new options are available in the settings.

A long-awaited option is the ability to configure the bandwidth allocated to Windows updates.
As a reminder, the previous versions of Windows took 100% of the bandwidth which slowed considerably the network of a company or your home.

How to change the bandwidth reserved for Windows updates?

The option is still “hidden”.

1 – We will go to the parameters:


2 – Then in Update and Security:



3 – Then in Advanced Options :



4 – Then Optimization of Delivery:



5 – And again in Advanced Options:


(me concerning I disabled the download from other PCs), this option allows to relieve the servers of Microsoft.
I strongly recommend you to check PC on my Local network if you ever want to distribute your updates between PCs on your local network.


6 – And finally we arrive at the options:



Download Settings allows you to set your bandwidth usage to download Windows updates.
You must adjust the limit according to your connection. Be aware that the lower the limit and the more updates will take time to download but you will thin the network.

Load Settings allows you to set your bandwidth usage to send Windows updates.
This option is valid only if you have chosen to allow download of updates from other PCs
As I did not activate this option, I did not check the boxes to set them.

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