If you surf regularly on the web, you will surely notice the presence every day more important of the video presentations of software. These screencasts – as they are called in English – are much more dynamic than a series of images and ultimately not so complicated to produce. twasha website has included this new format for a few months to diversify its content offering.

We offer you a very personal selection of screencasting tools, based on our own video production experience.


Camtasia Studio: the most complete

Comprehensive and powerful, Camtasia offers a suite of advanced capture features, such as a true post-production editing bench, and takes advantage of a hitherto unrivaled homemade codec for compression / quality ratio. file weight. Camatasia offers a good deal of export in H264 and publication to YouTube. To tell the truth, this is the software we use at Twasha for the production of our videos.


Download Camtasia Studio


Camstudio: Open Source and 100% operational

Alternative free and more accessible than Camtasia, Camstudio does not have to blush its features. Its very simple interface makes it a perfect software for the “general public”. Open Source Software, it focuses on capture, leaving the “editing” part to other programs. Camstudio can save all or part of the screen and create annotations.

The files can be recorded in AVI or SWF and the most experienced will be able to look at the advanced setting of compression codecs. It only lacks automatic publishing on video platforms like YouTube or Dailymotion.

Download Camstudio


Screentoaster: screencast just a click away

screentoaster_thumbscreentoaster_thumbWeb application developed on a Java applet base (so multiplatform), Screentoaster offers support for webcam and microphone, recording full screen. On the other hand, no editing desk is planned … The export is done on the same site or on YouTube but you can also download the final file in MOV or SWF formats. Last interesting point, the possibility of adding subtitles to your video. A great way to create a demonstration video in three mouse clicks.


Download Screentoaster


Screenflow: Mac excellence

THE solution of screencast on Mac. Perfectly integrated with Mac OS, Screenflow is able to take advantage of CoreImage and other technologies specific to Apple to offer a software that is successful and easy to use. The capture is fluid and the editing facilitated by the possibilities of zooming on the windows, highlighting an area of the screen (by darkening the background), the integration of the webcam and sound via the microphone of the Mac, etc.

Certain advantage over the competition, the separate edition of video and audio streams, the possible export in WMV, audio ducking, which automatically lowers the volume of the music track when a voiceover takes over. Excellent.

Download Screenflow



Some tips for production:

1. Do not forget to prepare your script before you start production. This “railroad” will save you many shots.

2. Make it short! Stay under the two minutes. Plus, the idea gets lost and the viewer gets bored.

3. Check your microphone and work on your diction. The quality of the sound and the clarity of your statement play a great role in the success of your video.

4. Titrate and tag the video in a meaningful way so that the meaning of your content is captured in seconds. Unlike a text, a video can not be traveled diagonally.

5. Repeat. Make a “blank” test, to predict the behavior of windows and dialog boxes, and to prepare all the documents, links, and tools necessary for the realization of screencast.

Good shoot and feel free to share your creations!