You need to retouch your photos professionally but you do not want to spend big money on paid software like Photoshop?

Do not panic, there are many free alternatives that allow you to edit and edit your images at your leisure without leaving the wallet. Moreover

Discover now our ranking of the 10 best free photo editing software.





GIMP is a must have free photo editing tools, and it is certainly the most complete of all.

In return, it is not the easiest access for the uninitiated, but it has a complete documentation in French to help you.

Support: Windows and Mac


2) PAINT.NET may not look good, but it is a free and complete photo editing software while being uncluttered.

Originally designed to replace the famous Microsoft Paint, this tool has far surpassed the previous one.

Support: Windows





Photo Pos Pro is a very good free photo editing software. Clearer and more accessible than GIMP, the tool is notably equipped with a “novice” mode to simplify editing.

In return, Photo Pos Pro knows some limitations but it is still enough to retouch your photos as you please.

Support: Windows





Photoscape is a free, complete and powerful photo editing software, despite its somewhat “old-fashioned” appearance and its unusual interface.

It actually combines a multitude of tools allowing you to modify and manipulate your images as you wish, but also to merge several images into one or to create animated GIFs. A real Swiss army knife

Support: Windows





In the world of photo editing software online, SumoPaint is probably one of the most advanced.

Presenting itself as a kind of “light” version of Photoshop, SumoPaint will appeal to regulars in image editing who want to have access to advanced features without paying a dime.

Support: web





Pixlr is an online photo editing tool that has all the basic functions you need to edit your images without having to download anything.

Its simple and pleasant interface makes Pixlr understandable and accessible to all, even if it does not have some more in-depth features.

Support: web





iPiccy is a rich and complete online photo editor without being indigestible.

You will find a high degree of customization without losing yourself. A good compromise for those seeking a fairly advanced but accessible software.

Support : web





ON1 Effects 10 Free is a free (and thus limited) version of a more complete software. This does not prevent it from being worth the detour.

Its main asset is to allow filters to be applied to certain areas of an image only (and not to the entire photo). This leaves you many opportunities to make original and unique edits.

Support: Windows and Mac





PicMonkey offers an extremely simple and user-friendly online photo editor. Its interface allows you to find at a glance the manipulation or editing that you want to perform.

Note, however, that if PicMonkey is free, some of the proposed effects and filters are not free.

Support: web





All free software presented above is accessible on computer, but what about the mobile?

We have not forgotten it, which is why we will conclude this ranking with AirBrush.

This is a mobile photo editing application whose effects and filters focus mainly on faces and skin. Ideal to retouch your last selfie in no time directly on your smartphone.

Support: iOS and Android