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  • What is IP Address ?

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique number assigned to each device wishing to communicate with the Internet: computer, telephone, connected object … The IP address has two main functions: to identify a network or a host or to know a localization .First coded on 32bits (Protocol IPV4), the IP address a number assigned by the IANA which is the organism charged their attributions. Notably via regional agreements and the various local access providers (Mobile telephony and the Internet in particular). Faced with the shortage of available IP addresses, due in particular to the “Internet of Things” emer- gence, a new 128-bit standard created in 1995 is being rolled out (IPV6 standard).

When you are on the internet and browse a website using a browser, this information (your IP) is systematically logged and recorded in the logs or “activity logs” of the remote server. However, only a court decision authorizes to trace an IP address to its physical owner.

  • Local IP and Public IP

We must distinguish between a local IP (allocated by its network or its “box” internet to his computer) and the public IP of the box itself. This is the one we need to know and which is connected to the “global” network and which makes it possible to identify its location or even its owner. Even if it is not nominative as it is, the access provider is indeed able – on request – to find its owner. Hence the emergence of anonymization systems such as VPNs and proxies which work in a very simple way. It is not their bias (and therefore their IP) that your device connects to the Internet.

  • IP and location

Network cables Concerning localization, if it is not always reliable, it is more and more used, especially on e-commerce sites, media sites or sites specializing in the distribution of video content that wish to control broadcasting rights based countries. This is for example the case of most television channels, in France and abroad. Huge IP databases like “MaxMind” ( allow for example to activate this type of filtering.

  • Fixed or variable IP?

Depending on the service provider (network operator or telephony operator) your IP may be fixed or variable. To be always the same or change regularly (often every 24 hours). At Orange, for example, personal IP is generally variable and fixed for professionals. To make it “fixed” and to install for example a server to your dominican it is necessary to use a service of the type “Dyn DNS”. (

  • DNS to simplify navigation

On the Internet, it is the domain names that serve as a link between the visitors and the IP addresses of the servers. It’s easier to remember than !

When your browser (the client) connects to a website (the server), the IP address is transmitted in clear to this one and it is therefore possible to display it. As is the case on

  • How to change your IP address?

How to hide his IP address, especially vis-à-vis HADOPI?
Your public IP address is determined by your internet provider. Depending on your ISP this may be fixed or variable. If it is variable will change on average every day or when you disconnect your modem. If it is fixed, it will not be possible to change.It is possible to use a VPN or a proxy to change its public IP address and no longer be traceable on the internet. But sharing and downloading copyrighted files will still be illegal. Moreover, most VPN providers today exclude this type of use in their terms and conditions of sale. The interest of a VPN remains however whole. In particular to avoid the tracing advertising.

  • Should you protect or hide your IP address?

A website of a particular kind has recently appeared on the web. Listening to all the “.torrent” file download tools, it publicly displays all the files that have been downloaded for a given IP address. (Http://
No problem if you have nothing to blame you but the obvious demonstration of the personal character of the IP address is made!

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