Developed by Google, Datally is an Android application to monitor the consumption of data of each application installed on a smartphone, and regulate this consumption on a case by case basis. After a beta test in the Philippines, this application can still be downloaded from the Play Store.

Updated November 30, 2017: Datally is now available on the Play Store worldwide. The application is free.

In usa, most operators now offer unlimited data plans, allowing the use of mobile internet without worrying about data consumption. For example, a user was able to download 1.5 TB of data in a month using his Free Mobile plan. However, in many countries around the world, users still have to settle for blocked packages.

In order to help these users, Google has developed Google Datally, an Android application to monitor carefully the amount of data consumed by each application, regulate this consumption case by case, and thus save data.

With Google Datally, it is possible to visualize the amount of data consumed, to check which applications consume the most data, and possibly to block certain applications to completely prevent them from consuming mobile data.

Google Triangle: monitor your mobile data usage and block greedy apps

This application provides granular control of data consumption, and allows for example to choose whether an application can tap into the data for 10 minutes, 30 minutes or unlimited. Of course, these limits apply only in 3G / 4G and not when the device is connected in WiFi.

In addition, some operators offer additional data through Google Datally. By performing certain actions, the user can receive free data as a reward. Thus, the use of certain applications is encouraged to take advantage of a larger amount of mobile data.

Currently in test phase in the Philippines, Google Datally is not yet available on the Play Store. It is also unclear whether this tool will be offered to European and French users. If however you want to enjoy it, just download the APK file to this address. In parallel, do not hesitate to consult our tips to save data on Android.

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