Rummaging through a closet, you found your old Android smartphone. Rather than letting it get dusty, why not use it as a surveillance camera to secure your home? Especially since with a free application, it’s a breeze to turn an old mobile Wi-Fi webcam. We explain everything in the rest of this tutorial.

A free Wi-Fi camera

Wi-Fi surveillance cameras are experiencing its last years unprecedented growth. It is the ultimate connected object capable of multitasking tasks. Whether you’re watching the little one who is napping, securing your home while you’re away or keeping an eye on your offspring, the wireless camera will let you know everything that’s happening at home anywhere and at any time. any moment.

Webcam Wi-Fi for AndroidYou think this type of material is only for professionals or wealthy individuals? Think again. With the help of a free app, and a mobile stand you can easily turn any Android smartphone with a photo sensor into a video surveillance system.

Configuring AtHome Video Streamer Application

On the Google Apps Store you’ll find a host of free apps that can turn an Android tablet or mobile into an IP camera. We opted for AtHome Video Streamer. This video surveillance solution has the advantage of being free and accessible from multiple platforms (PC, iPhone, iPad but also mobile and Android tablet).

  • Download the AtHome Video Streamer app from the Play Store on your old smartphone
  • Throw it
  • Then create an account to secure access to your surveillance camera
  • Then take your new Android smartphone or tablet
  • Install the AtHome Camera app

We will now combine the two applications so that you can view the images taken by your old smartphone on your new device.

  • On the AtHome Video Streamer application, click the Generate QR Code button for this cameraQR Code AtHome Video Streamer
  • Then launch AtHome Camera on your new phone
  • Make sure you are connected to the internet
  • Press the Menu button
  • Click on Add by QR Code
  • Then place your mobile camera in front of the QR Code to scan it
  • The connection is done automatically
  • Do not forget to activate the option Remember me to avoid having to re-enter the identifiers at each connection
  • Then click on New
  • Then select from the list the name of your mobile

You should see on your screen, the image taken by your webcam Wi-Fi. At the bottom of the window, you will find several icons allowing you to access various functions. You will be able to record the video sequence, listen to what is happening via the microphone of your mobile but also activate or deactivate remotely the flash of your new surveillance camera.

Note that it is also possible to display the camera on a computer, iPhone or iPad. To do this, simply download the AtHome Camera application corresponding to your platform (iOs or Windows) directly from the publisher’s website and enter the identifiers of your camera.

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