Motorists know that in the event of a road accident it is very difficult to prove good faith. The vast majority of insurance companies refuse to give their guarantee for lack of material evidence or witnesses. To avoid such a situation, it is now possible to film the road with his smartphone.


What is an on-board car camera?


Very popular abroad and especially in Russia, the onboard car camera also known as Dashcam has a certain success with motorists in the hexagon. And do not think that these small devices only serve to immortalize travel or to post videos of spectacular accidents on YouTube.

These real black boxes for cars have a wide angle lens so you can film everything that happens on the road. The images are then dated, geolocalised by a GPS chip and stored either in the internal memory of the device or on an SD card. Why use a camera embedded in a car.



Some models even have a microphone to record the conversations in the vehicle before, during and after a violent braking or sudden steering wheel

All these data make it possible to immortalize the trajectories but also the number plates of the vehicles involved in an accident. It will be easy to find the offender in the event of a hit-and-run or to challenge his liability. Finally in theory.

For lack of clear legislation, police and judges alike sometimes refuse to use the videos filmed by these cameras as evidence. In addition the CNIL recalls that using a video device to film the public road requires a prefectural authorization. Better avoid sharing online small movies of his trips.

Finally, know that Citro├źn has been selling for several months a model (in this case the new C3) equipped as standard with a camera (Connected CAM) placed behind the rearview mirror. Proof that this accessory begins gradually to gain importance.


Convert your Android smartphone to an onboard car camera


You would like to equip your vehicle with a camera but you find the prices of Dashcam far too high? Looking for an all-in-one solution that’s easier to carry? Whatever the reason for your reluctance, you will certainly be happy to know that many applications can turn an Android smartphone into an onboard camera.

As always on the Play Store the choice is vast. For this tutorial, we have selected the CamOnRoad video recorder. As the name implies, this application will allow you to film the road and save the images in the memory of your device or in the cloud. To give you an idea, 3 hours of video format 640 x 480 pixels requires 2 Gb of memory space.

CamOnRoad also has a GPS navigation module. You can use it to guide you on the road. CamOnRoad will show you the directions to take as with a traditional GPS application.


CamOnRoad also has a GPS navigation module. You can use it to guide you on the road. CamOnRoad will show you the directions to take as with a traditional GPS application. GPS function of the application CamOnRoad Finally last important point, thanks to this application you can record your movements in the background and continue to enjoy all the features of your smartphone (social networks, SMS, phone calls etc …).

Remember that it is forbidden to use a smartphone while driving. To stay reachable and connected even while driving better is therefore to move towards applications like Android Auto.


How to use CamOnRoad


Now that you know a little more about how CamOnRoad works, we’ll be able to practice.

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Install CamOnRoad
  • Launch the video recorder
  • At the first launch, a tutorial will introduce you to the main functions
  • Then click on the Menu button (3 lines superimposed
  • Tap settings and then storage settings
  • Choose the space allocated for saving images to your device’s memory using the slider
  • Then select the duration but also the video qualityEdit the settings of videos taken on the go
  • Check the box Automatically protect the disposal file in case of emergency

CamOnRoad offers a cloud service. You will have free 2 Gb. Note that this service only works with videos in 480p quality. To activate it simply follow the following procedure.

  • Click on the barred cloud icon
  • Tap save
  • Enter your e-mail address and a password
  • Accept the terms of use
  • Click the save button

You will receive an email directly into your inbox containing a link to activate your cloud service. Here you have to fix your smartphone correctly on the dashboard.

Then press the camera button to start recording and the red button to stop. Of course you will be able to consult your videos at any time. To do this, simply log on to the publisher’s website and enter the login details of your Cloud account. All captured images are dated and accompanied by their GPS coordinates. You can transfer them to your computer if you wish.


Download The App from Google Play store